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Inca Trail Tips


Inca Trail Machu Picchu

Inca Trail Machu Picchu

Inca Trail tips will help you to travel happily and enjoy the Inca trail as well to pack the right thinks and not to bring something that you’ll not use.

  • We highly recommended you to get acclimatized to high altitude for at least two days before starting the trek.
  • Remember don’t drink the local water or water from the tap.
  • Choose the please where to eat very safe and clean; some people got diarrhea from the food provided at the unsafe pleases.
  • If you have an opportunity to taste the national drink ‘pisco,’ make sure it’s not made with raw egg whites, which is the traditional way of preparing it.
  • Avoid ice cubes in your drinks. Unless you know that it’s very safe to drink.
  • It’s crucial to drink coca tea to cope with high altitude; some people find that chewing coca leaves while walking helps also.
  • Follow guide’s advice about pacing and breathing. Watch the way the guide walks: slow, slight lean forward, rolling through the foot.
  • Ascend gradually – find your own pace; make sure you’re not rushed.
  • Drink lots of water – dehydration seems to worsen high altitude effects.
  • People in their 30s and in good shape (some of them runners) were overextended; some had to be carried back to camp.
  • We recommended to Reserve for Inca Trail trek well in advance; 3 or 4months for the high season (from May to September). Only 500 people per day are allowed from this 300 are helpers (guides, porters, etc) and 200 are the customers. If you book in advance you get good campsites.
  • All of the guides we provide are very experienced, professionals, kind and patient.
    The Inca trail is Very humid in certain areas and very cold at some pleases; just be prepared for all kind of weathers
  • If you have a bad cold, don’t attempt the trek. Serious respiratory problems may occur due to high altitude.
  • We recommended you to pack your personal belongs in a plastic bag to avoid get wet from the rain.
  • If you’re an experienced or particularly free-willed trekker, you might want to hike the classic Inca Trail independently — no tour operator, no guide, no porter, just you and the trail. That, however, is no longer possible.
  • Trekking along the Inca Trail without a guide has been prohibited since 2001. According to the official Inca
  • Trail regulations (Reglamento de Uso Turistico de la Red de Caminos Inca del Santuario Histórico de Machu Picchu), use of the Inca Trail for purposes of tourism must be carried out in organized groups of visitors through an authorized travel agency
  • According to Inca Trail regulations, tour operator groups cannot exceed 38persons. That may sound like quite a crowd, but the maximum number of tourists per group is set at 16. The rest of the group consists of porters, guides, cooks.


  • The following Inca Trail packing list contains all the essential items that you’ll need to pack for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Clothing for the Inca Trail
  • When considering what to wear for the Inca Trail, always think in layers. You might find yourself putting on multiple layers for a chilly early-morning start before stripping off a few items once you build up a sweat on the trail. The temperature can change greatly at different times of the day and at different altitudes, so adaptability is the key.
  • We have chosen some items the packing list to be a happy traveler.
  • Original passport and (ISIC student card if applicable)
  • A daypack to carry your personal belongings
  • We provide a duffle bag when you hire a personal porter.
  • Warm sleeping bag Minus 8ºC
  • Lighter style trekking boots with good ankle support
  • Trekking poles metal tips are not allowed on the trail
  • Warm clothes, layers for variable temperature especially at night
  • Thermal underwear can be worn in the sleeping bag or in cold conditions
  • Gloves or mittens, scarf, wool socks, woolen hat for cold nights
  • T-shirts and trekking pants that zip off to short pants for comfort
  • Flash light, head torch and extra batteries
  • Camera and extra batteries, – Binoculars optional.
  • Wear a hat with a broad visor to keep the sun off your face
  • Sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Personal medical kit, insect repellent
  • Rain Gear: a good rain jacket, rain poncho
  • Toiletries, toilet paper, small towel 2 liters water bottle, disposable plastic bottles are forbidden in Machu Picchu site
  • Water purifying tablets optional, since we provide boiled water
  • Extra money for drinks, tips in soles (porters, cooks, guides. (USD$30-40)
  • Emergency money at least 200-350 extra soles.(USD$ 120)



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Inca Trail Machu Picchu