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Machu Picchu Inca Trail 11D

Machu Picchu Inca Trail is a unique trekking route where you’ll hike through pristine, unspoilt Andean scenery. On the trail, you just carry a daypack and explore the mysterious Inca ruins located along the trail. Inca Trail requires a good level of fitness but with a little pre-tour training it should be well within the capabilities of anyone who is reasonably fit. Our Machu Picchu Inca Trail is a 11-day tour in the southern part of Peru; begins in the historical city of Cusco; then, you’ll travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas; spend one night in the picturesque town of Ollantaytambo; then continue on the short or the two-day trek to Machu Picchu; which brings your through the Andes and the cloud forest.

This wonderful Machu Picchu Inca Trail also takes you to explore the deepest of the Amazon Jungle in Puerto Maldonado and visit the islander in the Lake Titicaca with overnight in one of the Amantani Island.

At Machu Picchu Inca Trail you’ll experience the magnificence of three majestic regions of Peru: Cusco, Puerto Maldonado and Puno; all at once.  “Sunrise Peru trek” offers a package designed to endeavor the attractions of three Peruvian regions namely Machu Picchu Inca Trail in a single tour. During the Machu Picchu Inca Trail we include hotels of 3-stars category located near the main square which give you an easy access to most of the tourist facilities like: restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

Machu Picchu Inca Trail is package that takes you to vidit the Lake Titicaca in the region of Puno


Machu Picchu Inca Trail is a wonderful tour that shows the southern part of Peru; includes the short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; Amazon Jungle Trip and Lake Titicaca Tour.

11-day Machu Picchu Inca Trail was set up to show you awesome mountain scenery and wonderful journey through the historical, cultural and natural treasures of an amazing Country; it’s perfect fit for time-crunched travellers desperate to conquer South America in grand style. Visit the incredible sacred valley of the Incas before trek the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; explore the lowlands of the Amazon Jungle and visit the Uros, Takile and Amantani Island in the highest navigable lake of the world – Titicaca. In this tour you’ll join to our group where you’ll meet friend from different countries and different thinking. You also can travel privately.


  • Cusco city
  • Sacred Valley of the Incas.
  • Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu.
  • Jungle Trip – Puerto Maldonado.
  • Lake Titicaca – Puno.


  • Tour Timing: 11 days and 10 nights.
  • Starting Point: Cusco Airport
  • Ending Point: Puno Hotel
  • Type of Tour: Trekking and Cultural.
  • Transport: Train, trekking; airplane and bus.
  • My Own Room: If you are a single traveler and would prefer to have your own single room throughout this trip, please be sure to advise us during the online booking process (Extra US$ 25 per person – per night).
  • When to go: The best time to visit is April through October, it’s the busy season (especially June to August), but it’s also the dry season.
  • Altitude: 2,100m to 2,700m
  • Difficulty: The trek is rated moderate; any reasonably fit person should be able to cover the route.
  • Inca Trail Permits: Yes, required. 500 permits are issued daily. In the peak season, the trail is booked months in advance


DAY 1: Cusco

  • Arrival to Cusco at any time.
    Transfer to the designated hotel.
    Optional: Guided city tour in the afternoon from 01:30 p.m to 06:30 p.m

DAY 2: Sacred Valley of the Incas

  • The tour begins at 08:30 a.m.
  • We’ll visit the Inca ruins of Pisac and the traditional market.
  • We’ll stop at Urubamba for lunch
  • In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo.
  • You’ll have overnight in the picturesque town of Ollantaytambo.

DAYS 3-4: Machu Picchu

  • At 06:30 a.m, we’ll take the train for 1 hour and 45 min to Chachabamba or km. 104.
  • Trek for 6-7 hours a distance of 11km from which 8 are gradually up and 2 are down to Machu Picchu.
  • Enjoy the sunrise over Machu Picchu.
  • Explore Machu Picchu with a professional guide for 2 – 3 hours.
  • Enjoy your free time within Machu Picchu

DAYS 5 – 7: Amazon Jungle

  • After breakfast, we’ll transfer you to the airport.
  • 45 minute-flight to Puerto Maldonado.
  • Travel for two hours by motorized canoe to the Jungle lodge; accommodation.
  • Explore the Amazon Jungle with a local Guide.
  • Return to Cusco and free afternoon.

DAY 8: Puno

  • After breakfast in the hotel at 07:30 a.m, we’ll leave by tourist bus toward Puno.
  • Visit the wonders along the route with a guide.
  • In the afternoon, we’ll arrive to Puno and transfer to the designated hotel.

DAYS 9 – 10: Lake Titicaca tour

  • After breakfast in the hotel, we’ll transfer at 07:00 a.m you the port.
  • Travel by motor canoe through the Lake Titicaca.
  • Visit the Uros and Takile Island.
  • Overnight at Amantani Island.
  • Return to Puno.

DAY 11: Departure Puno

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Departure from Puno at any time.

The Program


Our Machu Picchu Inca Trail have been prudently chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

DAY 1: Arrive to Cusco

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

The city of Cusco – Machu Picchu Inca Trail

Arrival to Cusco at any time; however, we must know your flight details; we will meet you at the airport and transfer you the designated hotel. Enjoy the city (optional guided city tour in the afternoon from 01.30 p.m to 06:30 p.m). Cusco is the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city, the city attracts travellers who come not just to visit a unique destination but also to experience an age-old culture very different from their 20th century way of life; this lovely colonial town offers much to the visitor with its nearby ruins, cobble-stoned streets, museums, churches and lively atmosphere.

Among the more adventurous optional activities available in Cusco are: city tour around archaeological sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay and Puca Pucara; white water rafting on the Urubamba River; and mountain biking down to the Sacred Valley; There are several good museums in Cusco like: the Archaeological Museum, Art Museum, the Regional History Museum and the Religious Art Museum. Cusco is situated in the Southern part of Peru at 3,400 masl; near the Sacred Valley of the Incas and to 112 km from Machu Picchu.

DAY 2: Sacred Valley of the Incas

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

The Sacred valley – Machu Picchu Inca Trail Tour

Today the tour begins at 08:30 a.m once we’ll pick you up from the hotel and travel toward through the Andes toward the Sacred Valley of the Incas which was an important cradle of food for the Incas, the Sacred Valley is a lush of agricultural region that continues to supply the city of Cusco with much of its production especially with corn and vegetables. We’ll visit the extraordinary Pisac Inca ruins and the traditional and colourful artisan market where you can purchase some handicrafts directly from the producers.

The day trip finishes in the picturesque village of Ollantaytambo, we will also visit the Ollantaytambo Inca fortress that is known as the best surviving example of Inca urban planning and engineering; Ollantaytambo is admired for its huge steep terraces guarding the Inca Fortress and for being one of the few places where the Spaniards lost a major battle during the conquest. We’ll spend the night in this small town before heading out for Inca Trail trek the next morning.

DAYS 3-4: Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

Machu Picchu Inca Trail Tour in Peru

After breakfast in the hotel, we’ll head to the train station of Ollantaytambo and take the train for 1 hour and 45min to Chachabamba or Km 104 (starting point of the trek). Then, we’ll start to trek with gradual climb to Inti Punku or Sun gate overlooking the peaks that surround Machu Picchu, then we’ll descend to Machu Picchu and take the bus down to the town of “Aguas Calientes” and have accommodation in the hotel; along the trek, we will pass Wiñay Wayna (Young Forever) an impressive Inca ruins whit a grandiose terraced hillside site, with panoramic views of the valley.

On the next day, we’ll take the first bus up to Machu Picchu and explore it before the crowds arrive from Cusco at midday; after the tour, you’ll have free time to explore alone.

Machu Picchu was discovered by Mr. Hiram Bingham in 1911; it is not mentioned in any of the chronicles of XVI and XVII century of the Spanish “Conquistadores/Conquerors”.


Day 1 of the Inca Trail:
  • Departure from Ollantaytambo by tourist train to km 104 or Chachabamba where the hike begins.
  • Hike from Start point Km 104 to Machu Picchu.
  • Minimum Altitude: 2,100 masl (beginning point)
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,700 masl (Inti Punku or Sunget)
  • Approximate distance: 11km
  • Estimated hiking time: 5-6 hours.-
Day 2 of the Inca Trail:
  • Start early to take a bus for 25 minutes to Machu Picchu.
  • Travel by bus from “Aguas Calientes” to Machu Picchu.
  • Minimum Altitude: 2,000 masl (Town of “Aguas Calientes”)
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,400 masl (Machu Picchu)

DAYS 5-6: Amazon Jungle

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

The Amazon Jungle Tour – Machu Picchu Inca Trail

After breakfast, we’ll transfer you to the airport and fly 45 minutes from Cusco situated high in the Andes to Puerto Maldonado deep in the lowlands of the Amazon jungle; then, we’ll travel 2 hours by motorized canoe to our jungle lodge located near Madre de Dios River. Puerto Maldonado is the region’s principal city and is serviced by air from the capital and from Cusco.

The city of “Madre de Dios”  is placed at the confluence of the Madre de Dios and Tambopata Rivers, and is booming tropical frontier town. Its principal activities are gold mining, agriculture and ecotourism. After a brief stop in the town, we’ll depart on an afternoon boat trip by motorized canoe to our jungle lodge.

The lodge itself combines native architectural style and materials with low-impact eco-friendly technology. Rooms are simple but comfortable, with mosquito netting, flush toilets, shower (no hot water). Here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from them not only about the area’s rich flora and fauna, but also about their extensive practical uses for medicinal plants and other forest plant resources, through traditional techniques for building, fishing, and hunting.


Day 1: Amazon Jungle:
  • Departure from Cusco by airplane to Puerto Maldonado then by motor canoe to our jungle lodge where the expedition begins.
  • Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy a lunch with local products.
  • In the afternoon, we will visit the monkey island.
  • Overnight in the lodge.
Day 2:  Amazon Jungle:
  • Breakfast in the lodge.
  • 30-minute travel by motor canoe and then hike in the jungle.
  • Late lunch in the lodge.
  • In the evening, we’ll explore the river to see caimans.
Day 3:  Amazon Jungle:
  • Early breakfast in the lodge.
  • Return to Puerto Maldonado airport.
  • Take the airplane from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco.
  • Free afternoon in Cusco.

DAY 8: Puno

Today, we’ll travel by tourist bus from Cusco to Puno and enjoy spectacular views of the countryside the journey will be through the high “Altiplano”; during the trip, we will stop several times to visit interesting places as well for lunch.

DAYS 9-10: Lake Titicaca Tour

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

The island of the Lake Titicaca – Machu Picchu Inca trail tour

At 07:00 a.m, we’ll head to the port and board our comfortable and fully equipped, speed boat to explore the floating Island of Uros which is built with Totora that grows in the shallows of the lake; The Uros inhabitants, began their unusual floating existence centuries ago in an effort to isolate themselves from the Qollas and Inca tribes. Sadly, the Uros language has died out, and today the islanders speak Aymara due to intermarriage with Aymara-speaking clans.

We’ll visit Taquile Island with unique culture style of dress and lifestyle make for a memorable visit. The men of the community do all the knitting, as this is strictly a male domain, while the women do the spinning. High quality, locally knitted goods are available for purchase at various cooperatives on the island; we’ll share their conditioned house one night and the next day, we’ll return to Puno arriving there in the afternoon and have accommodation in the hotel.

DAY 11: Departure from Puno.

Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure from Puno at any time.



Expedition classUS$ 1,580
Vistadome classUS$ 1,610
Hiram Bimgham class

After your guided tour at Machu Picchu

  • Walk the amazing Inca bridge trail after your tour, not necessary to book or pay any fee.
  • Explore to the Temple of the Condor and the Temple of the three windows.
  • Visit again the famous Intiwatana, the Inca calendar or sacred rock.
  • Explore the Sun temple or tower and the ceremonial altar on the middle top rock.
  • If your interest is climbing Huayna Pichhu please book and pay in advance. See the availability


Machu Picchu Inca Trail location

Photo Gallery

Machu Picchu Inca TrailMachu Picchu Inca Trail
 Machu Picchu Inca TrailMachu Picchu Inca Trail
Machu Picchu Inca TrailMachu Picchu Inca Trail


  • All necessary things for Machu Picchu Inca Trail:
  • TRANSPORTATION: All scheduled transportation; all transfers, private bus for the Sacred Valley tour, tourist train from Ollantaytambo to km 104 (starting point of the hike), tourist train from “Aguas Calientes” to Ollantaytambo; Transfer to Cusco hotel; round-trip air tickets from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado; tourist bus from Cusco to Puno, motorized canoe for the Titicaca tour.
  • ENTRANCE FEE: For all the visited tourist places.
  • MEALS: All Breakfasts in the hotels; 1 lunch and 1 dinner on the Inca trail; and all meals in the lodge.
  • GUIDE: Licensed bilingual official Tour Guide;
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: 7 nights ***hotel, 2 nights jungle lodge and 1 night with a local family at Amantani Island.
  • OTHERS ITEMS: Local Guide available for permanent assistance, first-aid kit, oxygen bottle.


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